*Updated* When I first started this I knew that pregnancy and hopefully becoming a mum was on the cards for my future but I didn’t anticipate it to happen so soon! Where as when I started, I imagined 365 days would lead me to being fitter, stronger and having tackled some sporting challenges along the way it’s turned into something very different. Doesn’t life have a funny way of doing that! So now it’s more of a record of my first pregnancy.  We are due to have a little boy around the 23rd November 2018. I am over the moon, so completely excited that I REALLY can’t wait.  So my 365 days has a completely different destination to the one I imagined! I hope you can share in my adventure and let me hear about yours too!



Have you every wondered where you might be in 365 days time, not just physically but also metaphorically and the journey you have been on? Have you ever seen a time lapse video that shows the transformation of something across a long period of time, or one photo a day of the same thing and when you look back and compare them you realise they are very different from the start and the changes are so apparent?  Well this is what I would like this to be for me. A way of recording  for 365 days to see if I manage to achieve what I want to achieve and making a record of it to look back on in years to come. I had been sporadically posting here http://squirrelsrambles.blogspot.co.uk/ but I only need one page!

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